But they’re so…tiny…

When I started this Blood Angels project, I totally forgot that I already had another complete Blood Angels army.

In Epic.


Remember Epic? Specifically SPACE MARINE?



No, not this version, venerable though it might be.

I mean 2nd Edition SPACE MARINE!


Now with Eldar!

Arguably, this is the best version of the 40k universe that they ever put out. In my mind, nothing before or since has equalled it (although NetEpic ain’t too bad) and nothing has bettered it.

But yeah, I have a mighty large Epic Blood Angels army that somehow slipped my mind that I had it (not surprising, since I have so damn many miniatures) Here’s a portion of it:

Ah, the glory days of GW, back when they made awesome games like Space Hulk and Blood Bowl! (wait, they’ve brought those back)

I mean the glory days of 2nd Edition Warhammer 40k, when the war-torn, Grimdark future was much more…colorful.


Look at all that glorious cardboard!

Our Fallen Gamer had some older material in his collection, some things going back even to the Rogue Trader era.

Speaking of Rogue Trader, I have yet another connection to the Blood Angels, in the form of my 1st edition Space Hulk metal miniatures:



In any case, I will soldier on with this project, safe in the knowledge that my connection with the Blood Angels is a strong one!


I’m a poor man’s Titan, ma!

Next time we should see the finished Terminator squad!

For my three readers out there, don’t expect daily updates, but I’ll try to be as regular as possible!

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