Warboss and Nobz!

I thought that I would try something different, so I rigged up a ‘poor man’s light box.’ I guess the results turned out okay:


Dis is my action poze!

I’m pretty sure that I picked up these guys back in 3rd edition, and have just recently gotten around to painting them. They’re the old metal nobz, no weakling plastics around here!


The bulk of my Orks are finally done, after years of neglect! That doesn’t take into account most of the vehicles, but it’s a start!



Dis is me good side!

Besides the Nobs, I also managed to paint up one of my Trukks:


Lookit the sleek lines on this baby!


I had some of the original GorkaMorka era trukks at one time, but I can’t say that I was much of a fan of those things, they were too damn small.

The newer models, however, are pretty spot-on. No, you still can’t fit a bunch of Ork miniatures inside, but hey- let me see you try to actually put marines in a Rhino!

I still have some finished Lootas that I have to get around to taking some pics of, but I must say, after spending the last year painting 40k miniatures (Blood Angels and Orks) I’m really feeling the need to switch it up for a while.

So we’ll see what comes next…