World War 2!!

Yeah, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted.

I’ve been painting like mad, BUT setting up the camera and lights are such a pain in the ass!

So I’m lazy, sue me.

I’ve taken a bit of a break from Games Workshop stuff in order to concentrate on getting my 28mm Late War Americans and Germans into fighting shape.


Crusader Miniatures Americans

I have a lot of Early War French and Germans painted up, maybe I’ll get around to posting them.



Battle Honors .30 cal MG team

Some of these Battle Honors guys have been kicking around for 20 years or so!

I really like Battle Honors miniatures, although they’re a little on the small side, being 25mm or so. I find that they fit in well enough with other ranges, however. The fact that they have no pictures for half of their stuff on their website is a problem that I’m sure keeps a lot of people away, but they really are decent figs!


Battle Honors bazooka team


Here’s a medley of Battle Honors G.I.s:



Here’s a side-by-side:


Battle Honors (left) and Crusader.


I’m not a huge fan of West Wind (Berlin or Bust) miniatures, but painted up they look decent enough:


West Wind Americans


For Late War vehicles, I have mostly Bolt Action stuff from Warlord Games.


The same goes for my German vehicles, more Bolt Action:

I have a ton more to paint, mostly Sherman and Panther tanks, but a handful of Infantry as well. We’re gearing up for a big game of Disposable Heroes using Skirmish Campaigns for the scenarios.

That means we’ll have a battle report, at some point!